Friday, March 4, 2011

BYU, Brandon Davies & Harvey Unga

Right now the big talk is still BYU, the Honor Code and the dismissal of Brandon Davies.  When I heard of Brandon Davies suspension fro the team, I automatically thought if he were on the football team, it would have been different.  This, of course, drew immediate criticism and the comment, "What about Harvey Unga?"  What about Harvey?  Unga VOLUNTARILY withdrew from BYU after violating the Honor Code last April (2010).  He probably would have received suspension  similar to the one that Davies did, but he didn't wait around long enough to see how that would go.

Unga was in my Biology class that semester at BYU and I can't tell you how many times my class was interrupted for  him.  I'm not saying it was his fault, and yes, he was our lead rusher and set records  for our school, but seriously?  There are 99 other students in this class, I'm pretty sure the rest of us don't want to watch Harvey use your cell phone to call one of your friends, Professor.  I don't have anything against Harvey, and everything seems to have worked out in his favor, he entered the supplemental draft and was a 7th round pick for the Chicago Bears (well, all is well except he was placed on the injured-reserve list).

Unga had a baby as a  result of his Honor Code Violation, and it appears that's what's going to happen for Davies as well.  While Unga eventually married his girlfriend and mother of his child, Davies didn't even get his actual girlfriend pregnant.  The girl who is pregnant (supposedly) is someone completely different.  I used to work at a sports store in Orem where Davies, his girlfriend (Danica Mendivil-who I imagine will probably be his ex-girlfriend now) and her family used to come in quite frequently during the summer.  Brandon was always there with at least one of her parents and her little brother, sometimes Danica wasn't with them.  Brandon was always nice, but always flirtatious with two girls in particular in my store.  Luckily they were smart enough to know better and stay away when he attempted to get their phone numbers.  One of the girls phone numbers he actually did acquire (through a mutual friend) she called him out on having a girlfriend and he dropped it.  Danica's parents used to buy Brandon gifts constantly (particularly Jordan products, which makes sense, as he is a basketball player).  What a great way to show his gratitude.  At least her parents probably won't have to worry about Davies getting their little girl pregnant.

I feel really bad for Danica, who is away at school at ASU and getting all this media attention.  Everyone probably assumed from the beginning that she was pregnant, and she's had to deal with this as the repercussions of Davis' actions.  She's better off without him obviously.

Harvey and Brandon violated the Honor Code with the same offense, premarital sex.  The Honor Code, BYU students and LDS church members have been criticized for this.  Of course, to many at many other colleges these standards seem laughable, but to the LDS students who attend BYU, this is a virtue we treasure.  It's not just LDS students at BYU either.  Most (not all) LDS college students live this way and have grown up with these standards in their home, so it's nothing new.

WE KNOW WHAT WE'RE SIGNING UP FOR WHEN WE DO IT.  IT'S NOT A SURPRISE.  We choose this because we believe it's the right thing to do.  So, we appreciate being put down for trying to live an honest life, free from addictive substances, saving sex for marriage because we believe that marriage is a sacred union and that the family is a sacred unit.  Please, if you don't understand why we believe what we believe, educate yourself.  If you don't care to understand why, then keep your comments to yourself, please.  There is no need to be hateful or malicious because we differ in opinion.      

I know, this blog jumps around a lot, it's a culmination of random thoughts that have passed through my head all week and continuous interruptions from my husband.

Main Points:            

  • Harvey & Brandon both violated the Honor Code for pre-marital sex 
  • Danica Medivil (Brandon's actual girlfriend) is NOT pregnant
  • I still think the football team is favored, Harvey withdrew from BYU voluntarily after his GF/now-wife had been already been pregnant for 6 months
Thanks for reading, even if you don't agree :)