Monday, September 5, 2011

So, it's been a while!

Since I posted last many things have happened in the world:  Jimmer went to the Sacramento Kings ;) bin Laden was caught & killed, Nasa shut down the space program & we finally got to welcome our little girl into the world!  Adelaide Isode Swainston was born 7/5/11 at 7:27, 7 lbs, 3oz., 18 & 3/4 inches long.  She is amazing & is the coolest thing ever.

Since she's been here, of course our lives have changed dramatically, but not unmanageably.  I went back to work after 7 weeks, and the 3 days I'm at work she's home with her daddy.  She nearly sleeps through the night at 9 weeks old, but I'm praying that day will come soon! :)  Our ward meets at 9 AM, so a lot of times we go to the 1PM ward my husband grew up in instead.  I hope to get back to our routine in our ward soon (I actually like having a 9AM meeting time) but right now, I'm just too tired.  I want to be able to stay awake for all my meetings, and to me, going to church, taking the sacrament & being coherent for all three hours is more important to me than which ward I'm going to.

That's the update for now, but I've got a great story for everyone ready for my next post!

I'll share it in a bit :)


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